Ryan Connolly

Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Ryan Connolly

Ryan is the writer, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitar player for the Mudslingers.

Like Jarrod, also very involved in athletics particularly hockey and football, Ryan used music throughout his childhood and teenaged years as a release from the pressure of sports.

At the age of 13, Ryan picked up the guitar for the first time and instantly fell in love. It began with the aggression of punk rock that ignited the fire, and from that moment became part of the foundation that would later build the Mudslingers. Inspired by Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Ryan began exploring the influences of Mike. From Johnny Cash to the Rolling Stones, Ryan was hooked on music.

From 13 to 24 Ryan explored all genres trying to find an identity that would pjlemmerovide a structure and base to build a band. Influenced by bands like Rage Against The Machine, Killswitch Engage, Pearl Jam, and the Beastie Boys, Ryan always struggled with pinning down a genre. Eric Church then changed Ryan's life. The aggression, emotion, and captivating charisma of the star lit a fire as Mike Ness once did. From that point on, Music took the driver seat in Ryan's personal time. Using country's ability to tell a great story, rock to amplify emotion, and the double bass from metal to raise the heart beat, Ryan was in business. With brother Jarrod constantly evolving as a lead guitar player and long time cousin Conner leaving the metal genre, the Mudslingers were born in 2011.

Ryan's aspiration for the Mudslingers is simple. Play music that means something to both the band and the listeners. To be able to bond with listeners and share similarities threw stories and emotion is the key to song writing and main focus of Ryan.

Ryan was born in Montreal, QC and currently works as a local 46 plumber in Toronto, On. He is engaged to his hometown love. Ryan enjoys playing sports and drinking beer with family and friends.
Some Influences include:
Eric Church
Mike Ness
Johnny Cash
John Mellancamp
Fleetwood Mac
Bruce Springsteen